What about Motion?

Posted by Loren Miller 
What about Motion?
February 17, 2019 06:15AM
Motion is part of the contemporary FCPX suite. Why was the Motion forum closed?

I have one answer-- but somebody tell me I'm wrong. For all its power and features, this affordable app remains constricted to a single screen??? Even laptop users like an external monitor. This is the reason everybody's cranky, they just don't know it. We need SPACE. The timeline and keyframe editor on its own blessed monitor. The Canvas commanding the big screen. Metadata pane relegated to the far left, or simply removed.

It's why I enjoy the Adobe collection-- customize to your heart's content-- especially to suppress unneeded pain- eh, panes.

I just spent hundreds building a three-eyed monster to cut and review my work-- and hours on Lynda boning up on the latest Motion (Ian Robinson is absolutely terrific)-- and I can't spread out my projects?? Can this be true?

If so, it's brain dead design! Adobe will walk over its constipated corpse.

If so, so sad.

Best, as always,
Re: What about Motion?
February 17, 2019 03:06PM
And I quickly add-- two lousy commands to move the canvas and timeline to the second display are a step in the right direction but still too little control allowed.

Best, as always,
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