How to find/move original clips on a drive to use on Premiere?

Posted by Jeff Nelson 
How to find/move original clips on a drive to use on Premiere?
July 21, 2020 02:24PM
Used to use FCP7 for years, but moved back to Premiere a few years back. My daughter has project on FCPX, it's actually several projects. I want to open and finish it on Premiere. I am able to get the XML file and using DaVinci Resolve as middle man, I can get the XML file opened and all that.

So now here is the problem. She imported all raw project footage into FCPX to edit. Now I want to move all the original raw footage onto a drive so that when I open the project on DaVinci, I can have it link up the old footage.

Know what I mean? So I am trying to figure out how I can just copy all the original footage (not just the parts that appear in her edit) onto a drive, and then open the XML of the project and have it link to that footage that's on the drive.

But when I search for the individual clip names, they are not on her computer, which I guess is because the clips were imported into FCP and they don't simply "live" separately somewhere, as they did in FCP7 or in Premiere.

Any hints for how to find/move that original uncut footage onto a drive so I can relink shots on my system?

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