DVD Production Needed

Posted by Joe Terry 
DVD Production Needed
July 08, 2001 01:37PM
<HTML>I need someone to help me produce DVD's for my production clients. Someday, soon I will get a solution for myself and burn my own DVD's, but for now I need to "out source".

I am a small "one-man-band" digital film production company. I don't call it video production, because I think it's confusing. I am trying to tell a story, I'm a filmmaker. My tools are 1's and 0's instead of silver nitrate and gelatin.

Anyway, I have a client for which I did a one hour memorial service. They are very pleased and now want 20 DVD's produced.

I would like to hear from the LAFCPUG's membership and recieve bids on a DVD production job of just 20 copies.

For mastering I will pay no more than $150. For each copy I will pay no more than $40. I have had quotes of $250 for mastering and $75 per copy for each copy.

If you're a professional DVD production house and you're offended by my maximum prices, please stop reading now, because what I'm about to say will really offend you...

Someone with a 733 G4 and the StudioPro DVD Software from Apple can completely satisfy my needs and I'm looking to do a _lot_ more of these type of "one-off" DVD production jobs. (Sorry, professional DVD production house people)

So, If you would like to recoup some of your costs of equipment and practise your DVD production skills on a real project please contact me.

My maximums are hard, so don't contact me and tell me how good you are and how I really want to pay more. Show me how good you are, do this job for me and I'll bring you more work.

I will produce the individual MPEG encoded sequences for each chapter and create the menu artwork and/or MPEG clips, in consultation with you, there will just be assembly work.

I want control over the process, creatively and financially. DVD's shouldn't be that hard or expensive to provide my customers.


All replies welcomed, except those from "Professional DVD production houses".... %)

Re: DVD Production Needed
July 12, 2001 02:50PM
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