Troubleshooting Expert needed

Posted by D. Packard 
Troubleshooting Expert needed
September 15, 2001 09:00AM
<HTML>I think I have a computer curse, seems no more than a day can go by before some new major problem occurs that I don't know how to deal with, usually in the middle of night at the start of some project.
Gotta learn learn learn, troubleshooting is 99% of playing with computers isn't it?)

If in the L.A. area and willing to troubleshoot for something like $20 an hour (as opposed to the going rate of $60 an hour, which always struck me as extremely unreasonable) Please contact me @

323/896-0282 (cell)
or 323/969-1527

D. Packard</HTML>
<HTML>Mr. Packard,

I charge $75 an hour for this forum (normally I charge $85) and I guarantee my work. If I don't fix your problem and it stays fixed, you don't pay.

Of course, you'll find someone to take you up on that $20/hr offer, but when you're still having problems, give me a call. I have over 16 years of experience on MacOS systems, both in production environments and 3rd party development.


Geoffrey Miller
MadCow Studios
<HTML>As it turns out, the going rate for a Final Cut Pro tech is $150 per hour, or at least that is what two FCP expert companies I have spoken to charge.

I charge $125 per hour, which is the going rate for an Avid ACSR tech. I'm far superior to those other two companies. I specialize in Final Cut Pro and Avid.

If you are shooting a home video, wedding video and similar project, then you will not likely be used to the higher rates.

If you are shooting episodic tv, or a studio feature, then the higher rate is the more common rate. Typically, at that level, you just can't take a risk with your project on someone who doesn't know what they are doing, often the case with someone who charges less.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

At $20 per hour, you will be taking your chances, and more likely not get the results you are looking for!

Even a good computer store will charge you a $65 per hour, and they will likely not know a thing about Final Cut Pro.

Good luck!!!!</HTML>
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