Need Production Assistants

Posted by rockin' ron 
Need Production Assistants
September 23, 2001 09:59AM
<HTML>My shoot is looking for several production assistants for a one day, one evening actualy, shoot this coming friday, sept 28, starting at 6 pm, until 12:30 or 1 o'clock.

The location is in hollywood at an old legit theater, the piece itself is a film noir, suspense, mafia script, 13 pages, although we are only going to shoot the interiors that night.

The production assistants that join us will learn lighting, camera work, working with a dolly, using boom mics and wired lavaliers, as well as experience being in close proximity to some real actors, SAG actors, who have been kind enought to donate their time to this project.

Everyone is very nice and respectful of one another and the evening's work will not be stressful nor all that difficult.

There will be coffee, sodas and munchies throughout the evening and dinner will be served around 9:30.

Screen credit, a copy of the finished project, meals and snacks, and
$50.00 is offered in return for one night's work.

My company is on the verge of something... we have offices at paramount studios and we, my partner phil and I, are real hustlers. Anyone who comes on board at this time will not be forgotten.


ron greenwood
digital video concepts
at paramount 323 956 2508</HTML>
Re: Need Production Assistants
November 12, 2001 05:16AM
<HTML>I'm very interested in a p.a. position,and up for the experience.I've studied theatre and film acting at A.C.T. in S.F., and The Groundlings Theatre, as well as watched anything put in front of me.Please call me if my services should be desired.
Joshua Wapner (818)845-6889</HTML>
Re: Need Production Assistants
November 15, 2001 11:59AM
<HTML>Maybe in the future you will need an editor with his own system. Give us a call 323 962.9003</HTML>
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