running photoshop ??

Posted by brian smith 
running photoshop ??
October 05, 2001 06:47PM
<HTML>okay to run photoshop on the same extension set as FCP??

southpaw digital</HTML>
Re: running photoshop ??
October 11, 2001 01:15PM

My only thoughts on this are that folks shouldn't be upgrading to 9.2.1. MacOS 9.1 is just fine and there aren't any outstanding bobbles that make it compelling to upgrade to 9.2.1, which does have some issues. Otherwise, After Effects, PS, ILL should all exist nicely with the FCP extension set.

Oh, there's also the problems with Firewire drives. I've had some clients losing drives. They are usually recoverable and I would suggest folks use the Heat Drivers for FW drives ( They are a nice optimized FW driver and will take over any FW drive and you can then do away with the myriad version of drivers that you might now have.


Geoff Miller
MadCow Studios</HTML>
Re: running photoshop ??
November 13, 2001 07:56PM
<HTML>I'm running MacOS 9.2.1, and all works just fine with my FCP 2.0.2 and PhotoShop 6.0.

FCP and PhotoShop work fine together with the same extensions loaded...</HTML>
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