Looking for a DP

Posted by Canyonmaid 
Looking for a DP
May 01, 2011 07:11PM
I'm shooting a music video in the Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills on May 26th and need a DP.

I'm making this music video and a short film in part as fundraising tools for the web series I'm developing and which is looking to shoot in Angels Camp in Northern California in September.

No one's making any money on the music video or the short film but I'm looking to work with people to see if we're a good fit for the web series up north. The first set of episodes of the web series (the equivalent of the pilot) will be low budget, but not no budget, plus equity in the project. I have my first and most important sponsor already signed up for the web series and things are developing nicely.

The music video won't take long to shoot - one actress, inside the church. It should be fun to shoot. I was scouting the location in late afternoon sunlight yesterday and it is stunning.

If you'd like to hear more, please contact me.

Carol Tenney

You can check out my student films on my YouTube channel: Canyonmaid. (Working with classmates as crew, so some of the footage is a little rough, but a pro editor polished the cuts. Good acting. Decent writing. Check them out.)
Re: Looking for a DP
May 16, 2011 01:34PM
I'm curious - 65 views but no posts. Is it because it's deferred compensation? Anyone care to take a moment to enlighten me (politely) about why I'm coming up empty looking for a cameraman/DP? This short is unpaid but one of the reasons I'm doing it is to find a DP I want to work with on the web series. Should I be looking for a cameraman who wants to move up to DP? Should I be posting exclusively on college and school pages?

I'm serious about looking for info (tho I don't need anyone to say mean things or call me an idiot).

Re: Looking for a DP
May 16, 2011 02:14PM
Hi Carol

When faced with this sort of problem, ask yourself if YOU would respond to this post? Would you? A complete stranger asks for your time and expertise and in return he/she gets what? A gig on a web series? You need to sell yourself in order to get others to follow. We don't know who you are.

For these sorts of projects you need friends to help. Go to them. Ask them to ask around. If they believe in you they will find you the right person.

Michael Horton
Re: Looking for a DP
May 19, 2011 10:29AM
Hi Michael,

Thanks for the insight. Yes, I would respond. I'm really interested in web series - have been since the 2007 writers strike. But you raise an interesting point. Conventional wisdom in the industry holds that a web series is just a loser version of a tv show. Many of my colleagues say to me, if your web series is a hit maybe a network will buy it and make it into a tv series - they say that like it would be a good thing. I always look at them with disdain and say, why would I want that?

My take on what can be done in the web series model is very different than the conventional wisdom right now - both in terms of creativity and economic rewards.

I think you nailed it - the majority of readers saw my message as an inquiry to work for free and then get a gig on a loser project.

No worries. I did get a cameraman. He's young and enthusiastic. I saw his work on Vimeo. He's new but he's got good framing and exposure. I don't like shaky handheld, but it's accepted now so I don't fault him for that.

I don't blame FCPUG readers for being focused on earning a living and for deeming web series work as falling below the accepted standard. It's just a shame that no one discussed it with me at all. I was looking for someone with artistic talent and drive to work for half a day just on the off chance that something worthwhile might come of it. Half a day is so little in the final analysis, isn't it?

Best to you in all your endeavors and thanks for your reply - very much appreciated.

Carol Tenney
Re: Looking for a DP
June 18, 2011 07:39PM

Half a day is so little in the final analysis, isn't it?

Some of us work 70 hour weeks and have families we rarely see...so half a day to spend with them is gold for me.

...and a cameraman is not a DP. DPs are a bit higher on the food chain and are not known for Pro Bono work.

You probably would have gotten more replies if you posted "Looking for a cameraman" on a shooter forum like DVXuser or some other camera-related forum...not a Final Cut Pro User Group (Post Production).

Good luck smiling smiley

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

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