Cinematographer / Editor - AVAILABLE

Posted by Adam Mayewski 
Cinematographer / Editor - AVAILABLE
July 20, 2011 06:42PM
I'm european freelancer over 20 years in business, currently located in Santa Clarita, CA.
I've worked on short films ( mostly documentaries ), commercials, some music videos and trailers.
I have the ability to find and expose "mood/feelings" in just about anything. I am known as a guy who using emotions as a communication base.
You can have some idea after this small presentation .

I own my rig based 8-core mac pro + FCS v3 + AFX. I do switch my Avid to Adobe about 14 years ago. Since Studio 2 I am with Apple's Final Cut but after latest >>revolutionary<< solution I found myself peaceful loving ass who will re-switch again to Avid then you can find me now reeducating myself with MC.

For in-location work we can shot on anything you want as soon as you are talking digital. I do not want to be involved in wasting of money for analog postproduction anymore. Yes, I am sure that Kodak's 14.5 f-stops latitude is no better then Alexa 14.1 f-stops latitude. I am also sure that digital post is minimum x10 cheaper and same effective as analog then - it's time to say goodbye smiling smiley

I you are looking some "budget" solution like one-man-band for your documentary and you are ok to work on HDSLR - You are v e r y Welcome.

more ideas about me ? Here is "official website".
and something we can call "resume".


I hope to hear from you soon!


People who worked with me call "automotive docs/spots" as my specialty. Second place is something you can call "glamour/lifestyle"
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