FEATURE FILM: "Canaan Land" - Need Transcoding Help for Feature Film to edit on FCP Pro 7

Posted by richardrossi 
We have (2) 4TB HDDs of footage which needs finesse.
(One is the PrimaryDrive - for feature film "Canaan Land" and the Second is Mirror Image-CanaanLandBackup)
Our transcoding Mac died on us and it’s very sick. I’m unable to finish this task. Currently, we only have our latest shot footage dumped in the RAW folder by Date (I believe 092517) and has also been Gold Color tagged. There were two cameras used and a ZoomH1.
Folders for the following camera footage were made: (Can provide screen shots.)

(1) Canon60D-2 SD cards and (1)SonyCam-1 SD card and one folder of external Zoom Audio
What we need help with:

First the audio still needs to be synced with the Canon Cam footage, both Cam1 and Cam2 Folders
(We’ve used PluralEyes for Sync) then transcoded to Prores 422HQ to edit. The project is setup and captured as 1080p 29.97. We’re editing with FCP 7 and Compressor 3.

Second, the Sony Cam Footage AVCHD was transcoded to (.mp4), however it still needs to be sent to Compressor to Prores422(HQ).
Lastly, if you can copy all the dated Gold Color tagged footage from the PrimaryDrive-CanaanLand to the MirrorImage-CanaanLandBackup so both drives mirror each other.

Please double check my work as to see if I errored along the way. I would appreciate that. This would be a big help since my Mac crapped out.

Let me know if this was clear enough or if you need more if u can help
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