Premiere Pro bug? merge clips loses audio track 2

Posted by BigPete 
Premiere Pro bug? merge clips loses audio track 2
October 30, 2011 10:53PM
Overall I'm really liking Premiere Pro 5.5. Wonderfully easy to work with native 4k RED files. Wish more of the filters worked in it instead of only in AE. But then I found what appears to be another bug that's cost me hours and hours of time...

If you Modify>Audio Channels and change a stereo sound file to dual mono, then sync it with picture using Merge Clips, you will lose the audio on Track 2 after re-opening Premiere Pro. The track is there, but no audio on it.

The audio file on the clip on the left was modified to dual mono before dropping into the timeline and merging with the video, and you can see there's now nothing on audio track 2. The clip on the right was left as stereo before syncing to video with the Merge Clips command, and the audio is fine on both tracks. Interesting that during the Merge Clips process, PPro itself converts the audio from stereo to dual mono and it comes out fine.

The Merge Clips command is a nice feature and makes quick work of syncing files. But after working all day and syncing up a huge timeline of clips, where everything looked good while I was working on it, I was a little upset after re-launching PPro to find that all the audio on Track 2 is gone. Now I have to delete all those new merged files, and the audio files in the bin, re-import the audio and leave it as stereo, then re-sync everything. If you're still reading this you probably feel my pain.

Any other bugs in PPro that anyone has found and want to share? Save us the pain of finding them out ourselves. Thanks!

Pete Bohush
Re: Premiere Pro bug? merge clips loses audio track 2
June 06, 2012 12:27AM
Did you ever find a solution to this other than going back over it from scratch? I've done a lot of work already, including a lot of markers w/ notes on the merged clips, and don't want to have to redo all of my work...

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