Re: Vignettes with Adjustment Layers in PPro

Posted by strypes 
Re: Vignettes with Adjustment Layers in PPro
July 12, 2012 06:43PM
Thought this was nice. The cool thing about adjustment layers is that you can do all sorts of stuff to the image, such as add a blur, or darken the edges, or saturate/desaturate the edges.
Re: Vignettes with Adjustment Layers in PPro
July 12, 2012 07:34PM
Jon's my local Adobe man here in Oz. Lovely guy - and great tutorial, ta Strypes.

My happy thing of the day about PP is being able to change the names of tracks from 'Video 1' and 'Audio 1' to information that actually helps like 'atmos' and 'foley' and 'grabs'.

Re: Vignettes with Adjustment Layers in PPro
July 12, 2012 08:19PM
Yea, PPro is so highly customizable. You can choose to turn off keyframes and show only the thumbnails, which I usually do. When editing on my laptop, I set double click to open windows in place, as I don't like to clutter my screen as I only have 1 screen.

But two cool features which I hardly hear anyone talk about is the swap edit function, which has been in there for a while, but unlike FCP, you can perform swap edits on whole scenes, which is a little like FCP X's magnetic timeline, but a lot less intrusive.

I also like the keyframes in PPro- you can copy and paste keyframes, marquee select them, delete them, slide them around... That's how keyframes should be.
Re: Vignettes with Adjustment Layers in PPro
July 13, 2012 04:22AM
My biggest beef was the playhead not snapping to cut points, but I've since found that it does if you hold shift. Also, I didn't like that there's no scroll arrows on the bottom of the timeline, but have now figured out how to set the sideways scroll on the mouse wheel by setting the preference to horizontal instead of vertical. Apart from that I find it's almost the same as working in FCP, but with some extra things that should have come in FCP8.

Re: Vignettes with Adjustment Layers in PPro
July 13, 2012 06:49AM
Yes, that part is a bit like Avid, where you have to hold the cmd key to snap, but now you hold the shift key instead. Sadly, you can't add opt to snap to tail frame like in Avid, but well, good enough.

The downside is that the blade tool doesn't snap. So you have to deselect tracks and do add edits instead.

I vaguely recall being able to shift drag to select tracks in CS5.5, but that doesn't seem to work now. Not sure if I remember it correctly.

For sideways scroll, you can hold the shift key.

There are a lot of similarities with FCP, some with Avid.

In FCP, when dragging a clip and you want to do an insert segment mode thingy, you drag the clip to the top half of the track, but in PP, you hold command. For swap edits, cmd option, instead of option.

There are also similarities to Avid, where you don't have ripple delete like in FCP, but you have extract and lift, as well as sync lock and enabled tracks. I filled in a feature request for extract and lift to copy to clipboard as an option, so you can use it in a paste operation.

There are some quirks in the JKL trimming, like if you have a Broll that starts a little later on the next clip, and you do a ripple trim, the clip on the incoming frame will eventually change to the Broll.
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