Weird Premiere project issue

Posted by Joe Riggs 
Weird Premiere project issue
February 28, 2014 02:56PM
Working off of an external usb3 drive with 5K RED footage (I often work off externals for clients so I keep everything on the drive).

I'm just trying to sync and organize them currently and there's probably close to 1000
files total.

Suddenly, CS6 slows down and I get the beach ball when performing certain processes such as:

Duplicating a sequence
Renaming a bin
Dropping a merged clip into the project window.

It's really weird, it plays back my RED footage fine but when I do certain tasks
as I listed above, it beach balls and I can't work. In the activity monitor I see that the Premiere process hits over100% cpu, when I do these processes. It will go to "Not responding" but after 10-15 seconds, to will dip under 100% and be back to normal...until I do one of the above processes again.

This just started happening and is a major time sink.

I recently installed the trial versions of CC and pluraleyes for premiere.

Any idea how to fix this? I tried restarting, tried disbeling cuda and doing software only, tried uninstalling pluraleyes, but haven't uninstalled CC.

Upon further investigation it seems to just be affecting that one specific project file when I open it with CS6.

When I open a different project file in CS6, things work okay. When I create a new project file on the same media drive, things are okay.

When I open the problematic project file with CC, it works fine.

Anybody have an idea what's going on? I am working with 5k RED files but the playback isn't the problem, it's those weird issues above.

I have a top of the line late 2012 Imac with 24gb ram and plenty of drive space, so I don't think it's a system issue.

OSX 10.8.5
Pr 6.0.5
Re: Weird Premiere project issue
March 02, 2014 12:43AM
If you are working with RED, I suggest monitoring the RAM usage. 24GBs or RAM is nice, but occasionally it will clog up due to the number of real time processes in play. Good to purge the RAM once in a while when it is filled up. You can download the free AtMonitor app off the app store.
Re: Weird Premiere project issue
March 02, 2014 03:17AM
I have Memoryclean (from the App Store too) installed, and I can see the memory binding up right in my menu bar. It also allows you to 'clean' the memory from there when it's not doing so well.

Like Strypes, I think this might be part of the problem, but since you say other projects are not having any trouble, what is the different thing about this project? Just the media type? Just the size? Anything else?

Re: Weird Premiere project issue
March 03, 2014 03:05AM
I honestly don't know what was the deal with that one project file, as I said that same project file works fine in CC.

What I ended up doing was importing the entire problematic project file into a new CS6 project, that seemed to do it,
didn't lose work and since I'm on a new project file, I'm no longer experiencing the above issues.

I'll give memory clean a shot, I'd like to give my whole system a well needed flushing/maintenance boost.
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