Adobe CC still has issues...

Posted by Joe Riggs 
Adobe CC still has issues...
April 07, 2015 07:22AM
I'm starting a new project and I was seriously considering using the latest CC 2014, I love not having to trans code but the more I read up on Premiere issues, the more it looks like this will be another FCP7 project. I have to be confident that I can deliver to other professionals (sound and color without a hitch).

Adobe really needs an update to address the following:

Merged clips - There's been issues with this in CC since I can remember, match frame not working correctly, but apparently this has actually gotten worse to the point where you can't export an xml to work with Resolve ( Furthermore, I want to use plural eyes and I don't want to have make it create new media files, doubling up my media, which seems to be the only solution to avoid the merge clip issues (the multicam work around is an idea, but in my last experience it didn't sync too well).

XML to Resolve - retain input sizing. Just fix it so it can retain everything, scale, pan and tilt...not just scale.
Re: Adobe CC still has issues...
April 07, 2015 10:11AM
XML still needs a lot of work. I exported an XML from FCP 7 the other day and was surprised that Premiere didn't even recognize the speed changes, so all of the retimed clips came in at 100% speed.

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Re: Adobe CC still has issues...
April 07, 2015 07:04PM
I'm not sure about R3D but we have successfully sent Arri merged clip projects to Resolve without any dramas.

In what way does match frame not work correctly? Do you have your playhead over the clip you want to match to? If you're match framing to a selected clip and your playhead is somewhere else, I think it matches to the playhead in some versions - this is a hangover from old Premiere (pre CC) behaviour, as far as I know.

I use match frame a lot and I'm not getting any problems, but I'm not working with merged clips, so might be off track about your problem.

Also, we have delivered full spec to Nat Geo Wild out of Premiere without any QC rejections. We did have some dramas with our sound post guys not being able to read mp4 reference copies we sent to them on their Fairlight system, but we just used a different codec and all was well. No idea why the Fairlight didn't like the CC mp4s.

Re: Adobe CC still has issues...
April 07, 2015 11:05PM
I haven't used CC in about a year, been sticking with CS6 but in the 4th post down in this thread i describe what is going on.

Re: Adobe CC still has issues...
April 08, 2015 06:46AM
So you're not using CC, but not happy with its performance?

If you're happy with FCP7 and it does everything you need without trouble, then not sure why you need to move. I can personally say that I am delivering broadcast materials with CC though, and not having trouble getting it out the door.

Re: Adobe CC still has issues...
April 08, 2015 09:32PM
I wanted to work without transcoding, hence why I was looking to use Premiere. I used CC in the past and experienced issues, apparently based on my reading on the adobe forums, these issues not only persist but are actually worse. However, I am talking about a very specific workflow, so I'm glad to hear it is working for you and your workflow.
Re: Adobe CC still has issues...
November 02, 2016 06:37PM
I'm on CC 2015.4 (which is I believe a June 2016 update) and I'm becoming happier with its interface and performance week by week.

But then, I haven't yet merged clips.

In CS6 I did my first real world Premiere assignment. My wishlist filled up rapidly. In CC they nailed a lot of my interface issues.

For instance I ran into some kid stuff with Extend when it left a single frame rather than extend right to the cut if that's where the playhead was parked via Snap. That's gone. No more flash frames.

What isn't gone is the apparent inability to select more than one track edge and extend them all to the playhead at once. All but one get left behind! One track at a time Extend? Really?

The timeline track selectors didn't do much of anything in CS6 but today they are acting more like FCP7 tracks selectors for specific operations, such as Add Edits on Fly, highlighting clips on specific tracks for visual FX or audio change. It's not a comprehensive control but hey, Paste Attributes is back with selective attributes, and can be applied to selected tracks.

Growing up fast. I have an enhanced PPro keyset which sports more than 85% of working FCP commands, and available commands for mapping include Avid-style Top and Tail!

More like the FCP 8.0 we were hoping for.

Best, as always.
Loren S. Miller
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