Linking Media magic

Posted by Loren Miller 
Linking Media magic
May 24, 2017 04:01PM
OSX 11.6
Premiere Pro CC 2017

Found a bizarre if clever way to use the Link Media chooser to actually link up media without even dismissing the dialog or risking a crash, which I suspect many encounter because right now, Premiere Pro is a little autistic about finding and accepting media moved from place to place -- editors often reorganize footage to better serve the project.

I've discovered when I uncheck and re-check the box that says "Relink others automatically" I get the expected link and the dialog even dismisses itself. This was, in the beta test language I've come to know and love, "unexpected behavior."

And the developer's or evangelist's usual reply:

"Not a bug-- it's a feature!"


Best, as always,
Re: Linking Media magic
June 08, 2017 12:46AM
And speaking of linking, I find PPro's Project Manager's consolidate behavior quite good!! All of the short form sequences I trimmed were open timelines and no nests. If you want nests to trim, you have to select each as a separate sequence listed in the Manager dialog, and then all is well.

Does a swell job of trimming media to specific handles with very few squawks-- this on a ton of licensed archival footage done in several different codec flavors and frame rates.

If you choose to transcode to a common codec, such as DNxHD or ProRes422, PPro may burp on certain clips. I caught a couple of SFX AIF's with very long file names, which may be a limitation. But it does't abort the process, it merely lists those trouble clips for inclusion as un-trimmed or un-transcoded, in the consolidated folder of clips.

And the Manager allows you to leverage render files too.

Pretty impressive, and it worked the first time out.

Best, as always.
Loren S. Miller
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