LG monitors for color

Posted by Loren Miller 
LG monitors for color
May 31, 2018 11:28AM
Hi, Folks-

This semi-related hardware topic could go in any of the NLE forums, but since I'm using PProCC this seemed right.

I know Apple is teaming up with LG on monitors in future offerings. At MicroCenter I spotted the new iMacPro linked to an LG-branded monitor.

For computer use, these are not cheap. They are marketed toward heavy duty gamers, X-box, etc.

Has anyone used this 27" matt-finish (yay) 4K, 99% of sRGB, allegedly 10-bit (8-bit plus something called A-FRC) in-plane-switching monitor, supporting REC 2020, for color-accurate video post? Anything get bounced frim Q/A?

Like to hear.

Best, as always.
Loren S. Miller
Re: LG monitors for color
June 01, 2018 03:56AM
Sorry, I'll be more specific. The model I'm looking at is 27" LG, model number 27UK650-W.
Retail at B&H, New York is $542.00.

Very intriguing, generally good reviews but nothing from video editors.

The LG displayed at MicroCenter as an extended desktop to the iMacPro, also a 27" screen, costs 1200.00.

Best, as always.
Loren S. Miller
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