Relinking problems from external in Avid - USB3?

Posted by Jewel 
Relinking problems from external in Avid - USB3?
June 30, 2012 01:07AM
Hi there,

I'm trying to cut some shorts for a client who cuts on a PC-based Avid. He gave me a USB3-only drive (no FW) and I was supposed to pull the projects & media off of it & cut on my iMac (2.16 GHz Intel Core2 Duo).

I'm using MC6, and I haven't used Avid in awhile (coing back from FCP) but this should be more straight-forward than the problems I'm having.

I pulled his projects over, but left the media on his USB3 drive due to files size vs. uSB speed (plugged into my regular USB - slow, I know). I can open his sequences and bins fine, but can't relink anything, evemn though I'm in the right bin, highlighted what I want to relink, selecting relink, following the prompts and revsed prompt when they won't relink....

Is it because the USB3 is slowed to regular USB via my regular USB hub?

Or am I missing a plug-in? I don't want to import the media, just re-link to it ...


Re: Relinking problems from external in Avid - USB3?
June 30, 2012 02:56AM
First thing I'm thinking about is that the drive could be ntfs, so you can't write to it on a Mac, and Avid can't rebuild the database as a result. Try copying the files to a Mac formatted drive.
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