What is the best package for the money on an MC bundle

Posted by J.Corbett 
What is the best package for the money on an MC bundle
January 28, 2015 02:01AM
Ok i have used FCP & Premier for a long time. I can also use Vegas a little. I want to get proficient with Media Composer now. When i look to buy the software there are several options. It seems like its best to buy a bundle than to buy things like Symphony separately.

My strongest combination of programs is Premier, PS, Audition and AE. I feel i can do it all with those. My workflow will eventually get to 4k once i get a 422 4k camera option for a reasonable price.

What would be the best combination for me as a full chain editor in the Avid world? ( Not just the most expensive )
I have PT10 already.

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Re: What is the best package for the money on an MC bundle
February 24, 2015 11:33AM
There really is no Avid bundle. Previous versions had add ons like Script Sync or Phrase Find, but those don't work with later versions due to contract negotiations. Avid used to be bundled with Avid DVD software (PC ONLY), Sorenson Squeeze, a couple audio apps...and phrasefind and script sync. But that was when it cost $5000. To lower the price, they did away with the bundle, so now it's only the app itself, and if you want to do higher end color grading, the Symphony add on. Which really only adds a couple features to the color corrector.

Want to be an Avid editor? Just get Avid. There are several plugin packages out there too, but unlike the ones for FCP, because the Avid marketshare is tiny, they are EXPENSIVE. Boris CC is $2000 and Sapphire (the most common used) is $3600. There was a bundle for Avid, Sympony and Boris CC for FCP 7 switchers...but that deal was 2-3 years ago...long gone.

Just get Avid...but really, only if you are going freelance and need to work on Avid projects. If you are a one stop shop, and do short form (commercials, corporate), then Adobe PPro or FCX might be your best bets.


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Re: What is the best package for the money on an MC bundle
April 07, 2015 11:16PM
How great was Script sync? I never got a chance to try it but it sounds awesome, hope it ends up back in the program down the line.
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