New Lacies freeze log to batch fcp 7.03

Posted by P48 
New Lacies freeze log to batch fcp 7.03
April 06, 2012 04:31AM
New Lacie disk (GUID partitioned) locks Final Cut Pro 7.03 when logging to batch. FCP runs fine on older Lacie d2's.

The system drive loses contact with the external Lacie disk, so the FCP project launch file must be saved to another disk (if FCP is not frozen), or restored from an autosave backup (when FCP freezes). (The clips do get logged onto the external disk.)

Another program is running, which does not appear on Force Quit. In other words, the disk cannot even be ejected.

Does USB 3.0 have a program which runs in the background on a MacPro while attached on FW800? What background program might cause this? I could search activity monitor, error messages, etc.

Problem occurs with:
D2 quadra usb 3 / FW 800, 3tb
D2 quadra usb 3 / FW 800 2tb

Perhaps this would not occur on a new Lacie with only a USB 2.0 port??

Using an older version of the Lacie d2 we have worked for two weeks, over 10 hours a day in Final Cut Pro 7.03 on a Mac Pro, and we did not have any problems.

We have lost many hours over this, and driven many kilometers back and forth. We would like to be compensated for our problems. We have purchased many Lacie drives over the years. We first contacted Lacie 2 March. They have been helpful, but the problem remains unsolved. Our problems with the new Lacie drives started about 15 Feb. Today is 6 April.
Re: New Lacies freeze log to batch fcp 7.03
April 08, 2012 02:33PM
Lacie says that there's a patch, but it launches Terminal, so it is not very GUI.

So there's hope that the drive will work just fine.... It may take me a few days to transfer the video files then test the drive.
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