Audio off sync

Posted by Rob Wise 
Audio off sync
October 29, 2005 06:38PM
I noticed when I exported to Dolby 2.0 my audio is slightly off sync. Is there a way to adjust the adio/video tracks within DVDSP 4? Adjusting the start times of each track didn't seem to do anything.
Re: Audio off sync
January 03, 2006 07:50PM
Any solution to this? Ideas? Im desperate! I know this is an old message, but Im having a similar problem with a 1 second difference in length between the m2v and the .ac3 file. AIFFs are synced ok, but as we all know "bit rate too high", skipping on older DVD players when dvd-rs are burned. PLEASE HELP!

Apack 1.5.4

2.0 Stereo and 192K. I have tried all different settings and its driving me batty! Thanks.

Re: Audio off sync
January 04, 2006 05:52PM

I discovered my problem was caused by my camera audio settings. I ended up moving the audio in the timeline in FCP to compensate and then recompressed. I also learned that there is no more Apack, or need for in FCP 5.0. May want to ask others who know more than I on this subject. sorry not more help.

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