Creating a dolby 5.1 AC-3 from 6 wav files inFCP

Posted by Berry 
I'm familiar with exporting audio through compressor.2 to create an AC-3 file for DVD authoring. What I can't figure out is how to allocate 6 audio channels for Dolby 5.1 so as to create a single AC-3 file (I have imported 6 wav files into FCP).

In APack, there was an easy allocation of channels. How does this allocation work in Compressor2?

any ideas?
I too have the same issue. I'm using DVD SPv4 and had to install DVD SPv2 on my MAC so I have the use of APak.

Apparently you can install APak from the DVD SPv2 disk without installing the main prgramme. I've never tried this so I'm not sure if this works, you'll have to experiment.

Good Luck

Re: Creating a dolby 5.1 AC-3 from 6 wav files inFCP
December 20, 2005 05:18PM
Look in the batch window within Compressor 2. Along the top, adjacent to the 'name' field on the right you will see three small icons. The first is a speaker icon and clicking it will bring down the 'import surround sound' control. You then associate the relevant file with the appropriate speaker position.
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