UnCompressed Video Capture card?
December 16, 2005 10:20PM
Hi guys,

I also emailed G. Nattress about this. Which would be least expensive uncompressed video capture card to work with my G4 MD/ canon ZR85 & FCP? I saw one by AJA Kona K-Box for $289. Will this work to capture uncompressed data from my Canon ZR85 and if so, will it also work with my Mackie mixer for the audio?
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Re: UnCompressed Video Capture card?
December 20, 2005 02:30AM
The K-Box is not a capture card, but an accesory for a capture card smiling smiley Kind of when you go to a bar and you read in the menu how much it costs to add chocolate to your coffee. It's not an item you buy per se!

The cheapest uncompressed capture cards are made by Aurora and Decklink. They cost about $600. But your Canon camera is not uncompressed to begin with, but rather uses DV compression. While many people (myself included) favor uncompressed processing of DV footage in certain cases, trust me that by your message it's clear that you can still learn a lot and produce great work using the standard Firewire DV workflow. It provides great quality for the money. Also, it really doesn't make sense to discuss uncompressed processing when we're talking about a consumer level camera. Your footage's quality will be more significantly affected by more tangible things than DV compression (like high video noise levels produced by a small CCD, the imaging device in a video camera). Also, uncompressed boards require other equpment. They don't have composite outputs (like the RCA jacks on a TV), but component and SDi which are only available in professional grade video monitors.

What I'm trying to say is, don't get the idea you need a capture card because other people are using them. Not everyone has the same needs.

Adolfo Rozenfeld
Buenos Aires - Argentina
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