Menus not visible on some players?

Posted by Esben Hardt 
Please help!
If anybody can help here, it will be most appreciated, since my client is very annoyed my DVD can't play on ALL machines world wide, Thanks!

I am asking because I am sitting with a project where half of the machines I try my final DVD in can't see the menu pictures...?! It works in simulator, on computers, and about 50% of DVD players I have tried, but some players will not show the menus and buttons. I can still "click" my way through the DVD and run all the films and slideshows with no problem, so it IS reading the disc. The DVD player just doesn't show menus and buttons. It only shows a grey "nothing".

My menus are build with Photoshop files, flattened, and saved as JPG files. The buttons are created in DVDSP, not in another layer of Photoshop, but as a simple text following the simplest Highligt Set with 3 colors, and with my text written into the text field in the style pane of the button properties window (center positioned, and checked in "Include text in highlight". I am not running an extra picture in the overlay mode, as the button overlays are designed within DVDSP.

But why some players can't show the menus and buttons is a mystery to me??? I thought DVDSP was following the strict rules of the ISO 9660 standard, and thus could be played on ALL DVD players around the world (not Secam and NTSC, of course)?

I am now going to try to convert all my menu pictures into PICT files, and see if that helps, but it is a desperate method, since I can't understand why that should help?

Esben Hardt / Ace & Ace
I have just tried to rebuild my project in a new project, using some of the same pictures and films, and NOW my "faulty" player can show the menus and buttons...!

Great news, as it suggests the problem derives from some authoring error, but what it could be is a wild guess?

Does anyone have any ides what could be wrong in the first project?

I dread remaking it from scratch, as it contains over 26 different menus with links crossing between all of them.


...and all my chaptermarkers on 6 different films I have to redo. Oh God..

Does anybody have a way to export your chaptermarkers from one DVD project and into another?

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