dual layer burner
January 06, 2006 01:39PM
I'm thinking about buying a Pioneer DVR-110D 16X Black Dual Layer DVD +/-RW Burner since my Superdrive will only do single layer.

Can I burn to it directly from DVDSP 3 or do I need something like Toast?



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Re: dual layer burner
January 06, 2006 02:10PM
Sure, that should work fine. Depending on the operating system version you are running, it might work seamlessly. In other case. use Google to find PatchBurn and apply that after installing the 110D drive.

DVDSP will use it and you can use Toast as well

BTW - They are on sale for $34.00 at www.supermediastore.com today
Re: dual layer burner
January 06, 2006 05:00PM
Thanks for the info. I'm running OSX 10.3 (I think, I know it's not 10.3.9 - I'm not on the Mac right now).

I saw that SuperMediaStore ad myself. I'm getting more and more 2+ hour programs to burn and two discs just seems too much.
Re: dual layer burner
January 07, 2006 09:22AM
You will probably need PatchBurn then.
Re: dual layer burner
January 09, 2006 11:57AM
Hi all.

To burn DL DVDs with Toast, I believe the version must be at least 6.07. When Toast 6 came out, it did not support DL DVD burning. The 6.07 patch allows Toast 6 to burn DL DVDs once it is installed. Also, I hear that DVDSP3 should natively burn DL DVDs.

As far as DL DVD burning from the operating system, I do not think that Mac OS X (10.3) supports it. I remember hearing Internet talk about 10.4 natively supporting DL DVD burning. However, I can not confirm this, as I will not be moving to 10.4 any time soon.

John Foley, I was wondering if you could please provide the full URLs for the Toast and PatchBurn listings at supermediastore.com. I am having a little trouble finding them.


Take care.

Re: dual layer burner
January 09, 2006 12:03PM
Hi all.

Zaniac, if it helps you, I bought a Pioneer DVR-108 16x DL DVD burner at least a year ago for $80 from the Internet. I put it into a Kingwin KW-525-UF-S USB 2.0/FireWire aluminum external enclosure. Using Toast 6.07, I have never burned a bad DL DVD using this hardware/software configuration. I even tried a Samsung DL DVD burner I bought from Micro Center (microcenter.com) for $60. Again, when burning DVDs and DL DVDs, no bad burns were experienced.

Does anyone know if it would be safe to remove the Superdrive from a Mac and replace it with my Pioneer DVR-108? Has anyone done something similar?

Take care.

Re: dual layer burner
January 09, 2006 04:05PM
You don't mention your system, but you should be able to replace one DVD+-RW drive with another inside your MAC.

Try to Google PatchBurn and Toast is at Roxio.com
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