Using Compressor before importing assets to DVDSP, why?

Posted by MikeDerk 
Using Compressor before importing assets to DVDSP, why?
February 18, 2006 08:38PM
Okay, so I have 2 questions about using compressor first.

(The quick history: I was doing multi-angle stuff and it seemed to work best if I precompressed because I could get rid of all the "cut" markers automatically added in FCP when it exports to QT, and then I started doing it for everything to save time.)

1. After I import a .m2v into DVDSP, it still builds an MPEG folder on my computer and places (new?) .m2v files in there. Is it copying or (egad!) recompressing the files. Either way, why does it do this OR why am I bothering to compress things before importing them into DVDSP.

I had assumed pre-compressing them would make everything easier in DVDSP -- it would recognize the file as "useable" and use it. (I also compress the audio to .aiff and add it to the track.)

2. About that .aiff file. -- it's a different length than the .m2v file. An example: The audio file on a recent movie is 8:59:10, but the video file is 8:59:26.

Everything burns fine, and nobody is telling me they're out of sync (I handed off the disk before I noticed the discrepancy, but the producers have watched it and didn't say anything).

Is this discrepancy normal and nothing to worry about?


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