Compressor 2 Batch Monitor

Posted by Jim Furlong 
Compressor 2 Batch Monitor
May 11, 2006 05:02PM
Just made a post on this forum, so I thought I would also ask about a problem I have lived with since Compressor 2 came out. The Batch Monitor quits immeadiately upon the start of compression, and will quit as soon as reopened. It will stay open for the first compression which is the audio, but as soon as video starts it quits.

This is merely inconvenient because Compressor continues to do the job, and by monitoring the size of the file it is outputting I can tell when it is done.

Has anybody else had a problem with Batch Monitor quitting?

Jim Furlong

I use a Mac because I am addicted to elegance.
Re: Compressor 2 Batch Monitor
May 11, 2006 11:47PM
I have had this exact problem. Not the most elegant solution, but it went away when I reinstalled the entire FCP Suite.

Neither trashing preferences nor using the program with a different user name had any effect.

When you have the time, reinstall.
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