Applecare docs: DVD Studio Pro

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Applecare docs: DVD Studio Pro
November 03, 2006 02:33PM
DVD Studio Pro

The following are AppleCare technical documents and are considered the "definitive" answer to your DVD Studio Pro problem.
That is if the answer you are looking for is in one of these docs.
We will continue to add to this list as Apple adds to the list.
DVD Studio Pro Support

DVD Studio Pro: Troubleshooting Basics
Remove receipts and reinstall DVD Studio Pro. Another approach you might consider is reinstalling DVD Studio Pro. ...
2009-2-27? Document No. 302641

DVD Studio Pro: Authoring a DVD that plays automatically without a menu
Most DVDs are created with at least one menu from which the user can select tracks, other menus, special features, and so forth.
In some cases, you may wish to create a DVD that just plays its content without the need for user interaction.

DVD Studio Pro: Attempting to read multiple DLTs may not work.
Issue. Attempting to read multiple DLTs (Digital Linear Tapes) or dual ...
2007-11-14 ? Document No. 306849

DVD Studio Pro 4: Creating buttons that play only specific chapters of a video track.
DVD Studio Pro 4 gives you the choice of playing ...
2007-08-10 ? Document No. 306077

DVD Studio Pro: Disable CSS before converting a project to HD.
If CSS is enabled in the Region/Copyright tab of the Disc Inspector for a Standard Definition project....
2007-03-05? Document No. 305197

DVD Studio Pro: Some HD DVD verification warnings do not indicate an issue.
Products affected. DVD Studio Pro 4.1.2; Final Cut Studio. Solution. ...
2007-03-01 ? Document No. 304992

DVD Studio Pro: Rules for Entering DVD@CCESS Links
For more information about DVD@CCESS, refer to the DVD Studio Pro User Manual, available under the Help menu in DVD ...
2007-02-07 ? Document No. 305071

DVD Studio Pro: Authoring a DVD that plays automatically without a menu.
Most DVDs are created with at least one menu from which ...
2006-11-18? Document No. 93812
Importing Motion projects into DVD Studio Pro
Once the project is imported, you can reopen the project in Motion from the DVD Studio Pro Assets tab. ...
2005-09-07? Document No. 93939

Pro applications quit unexpectedly on launch or quit, or display ...
2006-11-07? Document No. 301838
DVD Studio Pro 4.1: Script Command Inspector doesn't open when system language is set to German....
Products affected. DVD Studio Pro 4.1; Final Cut Studio 5.1. ...
2006-06-09? Document No. 303889
DVD Studio Pro: For motion menu background assets, use DV QuickTime sources with High Quality setting.
Issue or symptom. If you use ...
2006-10-12? Document No. 304522
DVD Studio Pro: Widescreen DVD content may not display correctly on some DVD players.
You can create 16:9 widescreen DVDs ...
2006-03-29? Document No. 301840

Character Palette Font Variations in menu text
DVD Studio Pro 4.x; Mac OS X 10.3.9; Mac OS X 10.4.x. ... these steps after adding a text object or selecting button text on your DVD menu or
2006-02-13? Document No. 303239
Troubleshooting serial number issues with professional products
Software Installing Your DVD Studio Pro 4 Software Installing Your Shake 4 Software Aperture
2006-01-30? Document No. 303184
New SuperDrives support Double-Layer DVD burning
With iDVD (5.0.1 or later) or DVD Studio Pro, you can author discs with over three hours of MPEG-2 video on one DVD+R DL disc. The ...
2006-04-14? Document No. 301556
DVD Studio Pro can't import iDVD 5 or iDVD 6 projects....
DVD Studio Pro 3 and DVD Studio Pro 4 are not able to open projects created with iDVD 5 or iDVD 6. ...
2006-04-28? Document No. 301385

DVD Studio Pro 4: "Formatting failed" and "Muxer Bit Rate too high...
... Compressor 2.0.1; DVD Studio Pro 4.0.3; Final Cut Studio. ... This issue will not occur if you use either of the presets (HD DVD H.264 60 minutes or HD DVD H.264 90 ...
2006-02-24? Document No. 303350

DVD Studio Pro can't import iDVD 5 or iDVD 6 projects
... 5 or iDVD 6 in DVD Studio Pro 3 or 4 you will ... Projects created in iDVD 1 or 2 also cannot be opened in DVD Studio Pro.
2006-04-28? Document No. 301385

DVD Studio Pro: AC-3 (Dolby Digital) audio may not play back in HD ...
.. DVD Studio Pro 4,1; Compressor 2.1; Final Cut Studio 5.1. ... you are compressing yourDVD assets on an Intel-based Mac, use Linear PCM audio in HD DVD projects ...
2006-07-25? Document No. 304086
DVD Studio Pro: QuickTime and Simulator display incorrect gamma ...
... DVD Studio Pro 4.x; QuickTime 7.x. ... HD DVD's authored in DVD Studio Pro won't demonstrate this gamma shift when played in a set-top player
2006-08-21? Document No. 304182

DVD Studio Pro 4: "Not enough space" error when writing to DLT...
When you're writing a DVD Studio Pro 4 project to a DLT (Digital ... To resolve this issue, update to DVD Studio Pro 4.0.3 by using
2006-01-31? Document No. 302726
DVD Studio Pro: No dual-layer break point information when writing to disc image.
DVD Studio Pro gives you the option to build and ...
2005-08-18? Document No. 302167

Motion: Marker placements may shift after importing a project into DVD Studio Pro.
When you import a Motion project into DVD Studio ...
2005-05-11? Document No. 301360
How to copy previously-burned DVD-R video discs
Learn how to use Disk Copy or Disk Utility to create a duplicate of a DVD-R Video disc you previously made with iDVD or DVD Studio Pro. ...
2005-07-15? Document No. 42724
Creating and Importing a Motion Project as an Alpha Transition
DVD Studio Pro includes an Alpha Transition feature. ... When you open DVD Studio Pro, it looks in two locations for asset folders: ...
2005-09-28? Document No. 302444
Final Cut Pro 5: Items to note when working with HDV
... camcorder display to preview video. Sony native MPEG-2 media must be exported for use in DVD Studio Pro. Sony HDV media records MPEG ...
2005-05-11? Document No. 301405
Encoding H.264 assets for HD DVD projects
... movie from Final Cut Pro HD or Motion, you must use the "HD DVD H.264" presets included with Compressor to ensure that the video works with DVD Studio Pro. ...
2005-07-27? Document No. 301463
DVD Studio Pro 4 Deciding which DVD standard to use.
... choose Help > DVD Studio Pro User Manual in DVD Studio Pro
2005-05-11? Document No. 301484
Before You Install DVD Studio Pro 4
... each application's Help menu, and visit the DVD Studio Pro website. ... in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, HDV, HD DVD-compliant H ... editing software, such as Final Cut Pro and Motion ...
2005-05-11? Document No. 301575
DVD Studio Pro 4: Updating rendered Final Cut Pro reference movies
... This applies to any reference movie that you import into DVD Studio Pro 4 from Final Cut Pro 4, Final Cut Pro HD, or Final Cut Pro 5. ...
2005-05-11? Document No. 301453
DVD Studio Pro 4: Use 720p HDV video for multi-angle projects
... a multi-angle or mixed-angle HD DVD project in DVD Studio Pro 4, the video ... allowable multi-angle bit rate in the HD DVD specification
2005-05-11? Document No. 301474
DVD Studio Pro 4: Support for additional DVD drives
.. When using DVD-RW or DVD+RW media, DVD Studio Pro 4 first checks to see if the disc contains any files
2005-05-11? Document No. 301488
DVD Studio Pro 4: DTS audio formats
DVD Studio Pro 4 supports additional Digital Theater Systems (DTS) audio formats. ... that you import into a DVD Studio Pro project must
2005-05-11? Document No. 301486
Apple Pro Training Final Cut Studio Tutorial overview
... Final Cut Studio Tutorials With the Mastering DVD Studio Pro finished project ... High" error if you try to build a DVD. ... Drag the 4 text file from the lower pane to ...
2005-06-06? Document No. 301687
DVD Studio Pro 4: Improved integration with Motion
... Motion. DVD Studio Pro 4 now supports specialized markers added to your Motion projects
2005-05-11? Document No. 301479
MPEG-2 export options in Final Cut Pro: Compressor and QuickTime
... Compressor 2 is included with Final Cut Pro 5, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, and Final Cut Studio
2005-08-19? Document No. 301871
DVD Studio Pro: Installer stops responding during installation
... bar may stop moving during the DVD Studio Pro 4 templates installation ... if this happens, simply run the DVD Studio Pro Installer again)
2005-08-18? Document No. 302168
DVD Studio Pro: Templates without buttons won't work when creating....
.. that doesn't contain any buttons, you will not be able to choose it for use when you create a chapter index in DVD Studio Pro 4
2005-08-24? Document No. 302183

Motion: Use field rendering when importing a project into DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro.
To be sure fields are used from Motion ...
2004-09-20? Document No. 93963

DVD Studio Pro: How to get MPEG files from Sonic Creator into the Timeline or the Outline View.
You can't drag an MPEG file encoded ...
2004-09-20? Document No. 93822

DVD Studio Pro: Do not rename or move the application.
DVD Studio Pro 3 appears in the Applications folder as "DVD Studio Pro." While ...
2004-09-20? Document No. 93843

DVD Studio Pro: Audio and Video Duration Are Not the Same in Asset Container.
Because audio and video have different frame sizes, the ...
2004-09-20? Document No. 93516
DVD Studio Pro: Compatibility information for DVD-R playback devices.
DVD-R discs produced with Apple SuperDrives are compatible ...
2004-09-20? Document No. 60857
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