Trouble with Mpeg 2

Posted by kukkonka 
Trouble with Mpeg 2
February 23, 2007 03:13PM
Hi all,

I've been having alot of trouble trying to get my FCP movie into DVD studio pro. I've tried the conventional route of exporting an MPEG2 but for some reason that option is not available in FCP no matter how many times I've installed and reinstalled DVDSP. I've heard that it was disabled for FCP 5.0 and higher but I had it working on my home computer no problem. This is a separate machine. I also tried to export a self contained movie which I had already created for other reason but DVDSP is saying that the format is incompatible. So now I'm going to try compressor but I'm running out of time. Does anyone have any idea what's going on because I certainly don't.

Re: Trouble with Mpeg 2
February 23, 2007 06:33PM
Exporting your timeline as MPEG-2 seems to be frought with problems. You have two choice for encoding with DVD Studio Pro.

1- Drag the .mov file into the DVD SP applicationnand it will encode the audio and video in the background.
2- My prefered way is to make a self contained .mov file and load it into the browser area of Compressor and set the bitrates manually.

There should not be any problem having Compressor encode a self contained .mov file into MPEG-2 and .aiff or ac3 outputs.
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