The Jump From Menu to Menu

Posted by joshm 
The Jump From Menu to Menu
November 16, 2007 11:03AM
So my situation is as follows: I am attempting to author a DVD with two motion menus. The first menu has the intro and then brings in the first set of selections as well as a more button to get to the next menu. When you click on next it jumps you to Menu 2 where I included the transition of the selections from the first menu sliding off the menu and Menu two's selections slide on. Both menus have scripts inserted to jump to the loop point where nothing is moving in or out. On the second menu I included a button BACK that takes you back to the original menu. I created a short 2 second clip as the transition back to the first menu with selections sliding off then back on as I did to get to the second menu. At the end of the 2 second clip I set it to jump to the loop point (script 1) on the first menu so everything, in theory, shoould look like it's sliding back to the original menu 1 state. My problem is that in between the 2 second clip which finishes where I need it to finish and the jumping to the loop point(script 1) where it needs to pick back up I get a nice healthy shot of a black screen and then menu one appears. hopefully my rambling here makes sense to someone. How can I get rid of the black 1-2 second clip and have a smooth jump back to menu one. Thanks for any help

Josh M.
Orlando FL.
Re: The Jump From Menu to Menu
December 10, 2007 08:51AM
I don't know about your particular problem, but would ask are you watching your transitions etc.
in Simulator?

My experience is that sometimes menus that look hesitant in Simulator will perform just fine on the final disc.
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