Film Soundtrack

Posted by Francois 
Film Soundtrack
November 02, 2009 07:18PM
first time I am asked to include the soundtrack of the film in a Dvd I am authoring.

15 separate tracks of music. If I create a separate audio track for each in DvdSP, I have to include a video track with each, (at least a graphic) as long as the audio, and it's heavy when multiplexing.

I wonder what would be the lightest method ? One track, with one video and 15 audio of different length (each one affected to it's button in menu). So it would have to play only the duration of the selected audio each time and don't bother about the duration of the video

can I do that ?
What would be the best method to include the Movie Soundtrack as a side bonus, as separated audio only tracks from it's own menu ?

a bunch of tracks ? but you couldn't use the remote ( back/forward) to change song ...

one track with everything ? it seems that the markers are no easy to manage
Re: Film Soundtrack
December 10, 2009 02:15AM
Use a slide show track for each song. Put in a single image and set the display time to the length of the audio. You will literally use next to zero extra space for the poster image.

Slide shows are not actually videos but are freeze frames.... unless you add a transition, then the transition is rendered as a video, but the static image is still a freeze frame.

You could be really nice and have still images of the lyrics, credits, etc. The space hit will still be negligible.


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