Compressor > iDVD?

Posted by Kozikowski 
Compressor > iDVD?
March 23, 2010 04:31PM
The simple question; Can I create an excellent but silent .m2v file in compressor, dump it in iDVD and burn my brains out?

We've been trying to generate a simple DVD pipeline in DVDSP 4 and so far have accumulated frustration, confusion, and at least one beer mat. And this from people who know how to drive DVDSP.

I remember when all this stuff was new the plaintive forum cry, "All i need to do is make a simple DVD." Sorry, you're required to worry about every DVD option ever written for each disk. No options.

I'm sure there are pipeline tools for this in the newer DVDSPs, but this is the one we got.

I also remember whipping out simple work in iDVD when the big kids were still struggling with the grownup tools. "Do we need it to recursively jump back to chapter two on Thursday?"

We don't have a current license for iDVD...but we can get one.

Re: Compressor > iDVD?
May 05, 2010 09:21AM
Simple DVD?


If you're going the iDVD route, you don't encode with Compressor. Send it your SCQT movie.
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