working with chapter menus

Posted by Jennx 
working with chapter menus
April 10, 2010 06:38PM
Hello, I have two simple questions..

how do I determine where on the DVD timeline the actual menu appears? For example, when somebody plays the DVD I want to have the copyright notice appear before they even can see the menu screen.

My second question is, is there a way to set the chapter so that after it is played, the person watching it is returned to the main chapter menu?(instead of the disc continuing to play through)?

Your help is appreciated.
Re: working with chapter menus
May 01, 2010 05:48PM
The 'timeline' on a DVD is in fact a series of objects that you determine the order of playback for. An object might be a menu, a script, a track, etc.

The way to get your copyright notice to appear first is to make a menu and add text to this, then set the time out value for long enough to allow people to read the text (time out value is found in the property inspector for the menu). As an action after the time out has been reached, jump to your main menu. Finally, look in the 'Outline' tab (top left quadrant of the app) and control click on the copyright menu, and select 'First Play' from the drop down that appears. This forces that menu to be the first thing to appear on screen when the disc is played.

A word of warning though - for a while now it has been suggested that a short bit of slug as a track should always be the first play on a disc created by DVDSP, as this helps to provide greater compatibility with players. In this case, create a track, add a single black pict or a short piece of black video 9about a second should do) and set the end jump from the track to go to your copyright menu.

Second thing is also fairly easy, but has some caveats...

If you click on a chapter marker and look in the property inspector for it you'll see an 'End Jump' setting. You can use this on the marker to ensure that once the next one is reached the jump will take place. If you add a jump to the marker at the start of chapter 1, the whole of the chapter will play and when the marker for chapter two is reached, the jump happens.

You can also achieve this effect by using stories, which will allow you to also offer all of the track playback as an option to your viewers as well as give them the single chapter play version.

Now the caveats. If you put end jumps on your chapter markers you cannot also play back the whole track. If you want to do this as well you'll need to add a single story and drop all of your markers into that, and point the 'play all' button in your menu to the story container itself (not the markers inside it).

You could achieve the single chapter playback by using a story container for each chapter, pointing the menu buttons to the relevant story and making sure that you have an end jump and menu call set for each story too. If you use this method you must not also use end jumps on the chapters as you can then point a button to the track (chapter 1) to get a 'play all' scenario working. Note also that using stories like this will not allow your viewer to see the chapter numbers on the DVD player display. I've never bothered about that, but some folk consider it important.


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