Menus cannot exceed 1GB in total size error message

Posted by envisaging 
Menus cannot exceed 1GB in total size error message
June 07, 2011 02:03PM
I'm getting this error message no matter what I do. I have no video in my menu. I've re-compressed my video twice now. All I have are stills as buttons, 1 jpg as a menu bg still and the buttons connect to 9 chapters. The entire size of the disc is 2.9GB. The assets in the menu add up to a total of 1041KB. I have an audio track that is 298MB but I even deleted that and still get the same error message.

Any suggestions?



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Re: Menus cannot exceed 1GB in total size error message
July 25, 2011 09:57AM
All I can think is that at some point you've added assets to a menu screen and removed them, but that DVDSP has retained the fact they are there. This happens occasionally - have you tried deleting the 'PAR' folder for the project? (look in your prefs to see where these are kept)...

Secondly, remove the JPG from your menu - they end up looking very ugly when compressed to MPEG2. For better results save your menu background as pict or even better, as tiff. These are lossless formats, and convert to MPEG2 better than jpeg does. When you replace the image, change the name of it and DVDSP should 're-parse' the project, re-create the PAR files and update it's reference info.

This *should* stop the error... but if not there is something further amiss.


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