Straight "Simple" Reverse Telecine

Posted by Kozikowski 
Straight "Simple" Reverse Telecine
June 30, 2011 07:15PM
Hey, y'all.

CineTools 4.5.1
OS-X 10.6.7
2.8 GHz Quad Xenon

I have a clip that looks like this...


It's textbook 3:2. and there is no compression. It was captured on a Flame from a DigiBeta playback and they got it from the original deliverable movie frames.

I think I created a Project in CineTools and I put the movie in as an asset. Reverse Telecine is gray. Not a clue what I'm doing except I've never been able to get CineTools to do anything I wanted.

Yes, we can go back to the movie database archives and get the deliverable frames restored, but I'm too close to retirement to wait for all that. So removing the 3:2 it is. How?

By the way, it starts on an A frame and HandBrake won't do it either. Has to be like I'm holdin' my mouth wrong or something.

Re: Straight "Simple" Reverse Telecine
July 05, 2011 04:02PM
Is the pulldown consistent? Compressor removes pulldown, if it fails, then you need to fiddle around in CT. Not sure why you cant get CT working on the clip. Could be a codec thing. Try transcoding it to Uncompressed or ProRes HQ before sending to CT.

I have gotten CT to work, but it did take me quite some bit of fiddling, as I come from a PAL country. I have only used it once on 2 shots with pulldown (as I needed to remove pulldown before doing speed ramps on it or it will look like turd).
Re: Straight "Simple" Reverse Telecine
October 30, 2011 11:51AM
There's multiple types of 3:2 pull down. The two most common are straight 3:2 and 24p advance. After Effects is really good at removing pulldown and producing straight 24p (23.97) video. Your video should really not ever use Handbrake for video encoding as it can only produce H.264 video. This will seriously degrade your video before you encode it to a DVD.
Re: Straight "Simple" Reverse Telecine
October 30, 2011 01:38PM
Sorry for not saying hi Koz! I haven't heard from you in years. Shoot me an email so we can catch up.
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Re: Straight "Simple" Reverse Telecine
November 14, 2011 03:19AM
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