Seeking suggestions to a common problem of having a standard DVD burner and making a DVD for and HDTV

Posted by olivestreetprods 

I have a client who wants a looping video playing on a HDTV in the background at his tradeshow booth. He needs a DVD and he's using a Blu-ray player. The video will have no sound. It's simply six minutes of products and logos cross-dissolving into one another. Very simple. The client is providing me with a layered PSD file with images that are 1920 x 1080. I have FCP Studio 3/ FCP 7, and the standard DVD burner in my Mac. I don't know if the target Blu-ray player has a USB port in which he could stick in a thumb drive and play a looping h.264 file. That would be great, but I'm not sure how technically savvy they are or the capabilities of the the Blu-ray player itself.

Current solutions for DVD delivery to client:

>Place a 1920 x 1080 h.264 file on a thumb drive if possible

>Simply letterbox the video and burn to a standard DVD.

> Try to find someone in town (Phoenix metro area) who has a Blu-ray burner and FCP installed and pay to have them burn me a single DVD.

I was hoping someone here might have another suggestion or alternative that I haven't thought of yet. If you do, could you please share it with me.

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