DVD Studio Pro: Specific problem.

Posted by i_valero 
DVD Studio Pro: Specific problem.
October 22, 2011 07:40AM

I have a very specific problem with DVD Studio Pro. I hope you guys can help me. Here it goes:

I'm creating a SD DVD Menu.
The menus are motion based (video background) with very simple overlays (just lines).
The video backgrounds were exported through compressor as M2V using the preset (90min Best Q) and the overlays are PNGs.

Apparently I'm doing everything OK. When I simulate the menu, it's fine, when I build it as an image and mount it on my desktop it's totally fine BUT...

When I burn it into a DVD and play it on a DVD player something weird happens, when I jump from menu to menu the image becomes very pixelated and distorted (right when the ''jump'' happens, on that one second freeze all dvds have), then when the target menu appears everything looks fine.

Basically, the background becomes pixelated just at that one second freeze when jumping between menus. It's very annoying and I've never seen this happen before.

Thanks for reading and here hoping someone knows the answer,

Re: DVD Studio Pro: Specific problem.
October 26, 2011 12:45PM
It's normal for your DVD player to freeze the last frame until a new frame appears. When it does this, you can get strange results. This could happen when jumping between menus. The video should clear up when you get to the new menu.
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