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Posted by Marcus2 
Menu Background
November 03, 2011 05:46AM
Hey Guys,

I have edited a Commercial that was shot with RED and 5D. Great looking. So then when it comes to making a DVD, I start having issues. The first and most frustrating is that when I place a graphic in as the menu background (or even a clip), it destroys the image badly, gives me jaggy edges, pixelisation, really makes it look like poor quality VHS!! The second thing is the quality of the actual video content on the DVD. I generally change the settings to One pass CBR and set it at about 7,8Mbps. The quality I get from this is mostly OK, but at times I get jaggy edges on some lines...

NB I am working in PAL...

Any suggestions gladly attempted!


Marcus T
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Re: Menu Background
November 05, 2011 10:09AM
Most people think that having an HD or greater source would make DVD encoding easy. It's not. Resizing video down to SD is a huge challenge. DVDs in PAL are 720x576. When you take a RED source at 4k RGB, your DVD will have 1/5 the horizontal resolution and 1/12 the color resolution. It has to be stepped down correctly or your video will look really bad.

Keeping this in mind, create a 720x576 anamorphic version of your video. Check this video in FCP by playing it out to a calibrated television monitor. If it looks good proceed to the next step. For your menus, create a 720x576 version from still images in FCP. If that looks okay, proceed. If it doesn't, make adjustments.

It's difficult to know exactly where your problem is happening, but might be caused by not resizing the video properly.
Anonymous User
Re: Menu Background
November 14, 2011 03:20AM
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