Problems with language recognition DVD player

Posted by paurray 
Problems with language recognition DVD player
February 04, 2012 04:36AM
I have the following problem my dvd works in Apple DVD Player, VLC and 1 german and 1 english dvd player. The DVD consists of a menu and JPG as background (720times576) with 3 buttons, english, english with subtitles and german subtitles. All working fine. Working in Pal Land. Using last version of DVD SP Pro.

The problem is that the DVD printing factory are saying that when they insert the DVD into their german player the background image is missing, there is a white background and the menu is some what scrambled.

Does this this sound weird or what? Any ideas?

As I understand things when I set up my project in the preferences pane I select the language of the DVD. I selected english and thus this works fine with an english DVD player. Problem appears to be however what a German DVD player makes of the disc. At the moment a half baked menu.

The guy from the DVD printing place said something about pjc 7 or 13. No idea. I don´t believe that I have any way of influencing what happens with other DVD players in other countries. Like what happens when some one puts this into a DVD player in the Arabic world? For example Palestine.

As far as I see it there is nothing I can do. Am I missing something?



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Re: Problems with language recognition DVD player : SOLVED!
February 06, 2012 10:15AM
Problem solved

I had Under Languages in the Overall Inspector English & German Selected

For no apparent reason. Guess that I put the languages in on the first day and promptly forgot about them.

Became suspicious when I tested and discovered that the DVD worked with French, Spanish, Italian etc but not with german.

And I had this little german flag thing in DVD SP for no apparent reason.

The German Language selection meant that the German DVD player was awaiting specific instructions that simply were not there.

Solution delete german Language flag.

Looked harmless but proved critical particularly as the DVD is for a German Cultural Institute. Kind of cool when it works on there German DVD players.

And the German DVD player now swallows the pure breed english DVD happily!
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