Don Ed Hardy's designs all have a mixture of western and eastern flare to them

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What do you get when you put the "King of Jeans" together with the "Godfather of Tattoo? You get ED Hardy suomessa caps, clothing, and fragrance lines to name just a few items. Ed Hardy has boomed in the past few years and has everything from t-shirts to shoes to caps. Of the Ed Hardy line, the biggest item to break into an everyday trend is the Ed Hardy trucker caps. The exclusive designs and the conglomeration between Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy has made Ed Hardy a household name. However, the name does not do the Ed Hardy caps just service.

Ed Hardy caps are truly trucker caps with the fabric front and plastic mesh backs. The difference is that the designs are based on the tattoo designs, prints, and drawings and paintings of San Francisco based tattooist Don Ed Hardy, and carry the official logo. All the designs have been inspired by the innovative flash associated with Don Ed Hardy and his work over the past 30 years.

When most people think of trucker caps, it reminds them of farmers and truckers and the dirty hats that they often wear. But Christian Audigier has changed all of that with his line of Ed Hardy caps. There are four basic types of caps offered. The basic cap, the rhinestone cap, the specialty cap, and the kids caps.

The basic ED Hardy suomi cap is an embroidered trucker cap. Don Ed Hardy's designs all have a mixture of western and eastern flare to them. The skulls and flowers, and the tigers and geisha's of the orient are intricately embroidered on the caps.

The rhinestone Ed Hardy cap has the design printed on the front panel and is then embossed with rhinestones. Some of the rhinestone Ed Hardy caps use large rhinestones in specific places to bring the design to shimmering life, while others have smaller rhinestones that make the Ed Hardy cap design pop. All are unique and beautiful in a glamorized-biker kind of way.

The specialty ED Hardy vaatteet halvalla cap has the design embroidered on the front panel of the cap. Some of the designs actually flow down on to the brim of the cap, while others have accessories adorning the brim such as chains or metal studs, and sometimes a few rhinestones. Each one is a Don Ed Hardy design perfectly portrayed on fabric.

It is no wonder that celebrities such as Madonna, Brittney Spears, and even the squeaky clean Disney Channel Jonas Brothers are wearing these Ed Hardy caps. The hats may be made from the general design of a trucker cap, but through the vision of Christian Audigier and Don Ed Hardy, they are far cry from the trucker caps of yesterday. The Ed Hardy caps are bringing the hat back to the modern era, with an exciting new twist.

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