Midi Ketyboard & Motion 2

Posted by encision 
Midi Ketyboard & Motion 2
June 02, 2005 12:11PM
I am using the M-Audio Keystation 49e - USB Midi Keyboard with Garageband 2. Can I use this with my soon to be arriving Motion 2? If not, what should I look at? Thanks in advance!

Re: Midi Ketyboard & Motion 2
June 02, 2005 09:10PM
It has to conform to a certain Mackie format to be used by Motion.

I don't think it will work, but if it does GREAT as I have one of those keyboards also.
Re: Midi Ketyboard & Motion 2
June 02, 2005 10:55PM
STP and FCP 5 use MCP
Motion 2 uses any MIDI controller like a keyboard (or a control surface like use you in STP and FCP 5)

David at Movies Rock in Toronto
Re: Midi Ketyboard & Motion 2
June 03, 2005 01:13AM
May be this one too.

I just bought it for the motion 2, because of the small foot print, 25 full size key and lot of knobs & wheels there.

well, I'm still waiting for the standalone upgrade pack from the Apple Store, so that, don't have more information at the moment. I like to tell you more when I have the copy=)

Have a nice day,
Antonio Hui

I Use my Edirol PCR-80 (Full Sized Keyboard) with Apples Motion2
And to answer The question of this thread:
As long as the MIDI device/interface/keyboard has a driver to work with OSX's "Core Audio"

Then it will work with Motion2

Motion is now a live video effects performance machine!!!!
Powerbook users with big videocards rejoice!!

Good day everyone
-Anomolee - [www.innervisionhd.com]

(p.s. that pretty much closes this thread i suggest we start a new one with user submitted live Motion MIDI performances, So everyone can see it in action!)
Re: Midi Ketyboard & Motion 2
July 18, 2005 01:41AM
Hi Matt,

Since I have not yet started any trial on MAX+MOTION, I guess the better way for linking the MAX and Motion is using external midi. Like myself, I have no plan to run them in the same computer, I'll kept the MAX run on my iBook and then link them by a midi cable.

However, it is possible to run them in one computer too. The motion seem to be using "IAC" as the midi communication. so that, the attached setup should be one of the solution. But, I found that it only work with the midi control 7 (volume). This is the case on OSX10.39 and I don't have any idea on Tiger yet...

Hope the above information could help you to enter the joyful world of midi programming.

Good Luck,
Antonio Hui

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