Muzzle flash & blood effects

Posted by Jeff Brookshire 
Does anybody know how to make realistic muzzle flashes on Motion 2? I am doing a low budget film and have the software and systems but not a clue where to start. That also goes for blood after effects. How can I use a green screen to help me achieve this? I am also willing to include someone skilled as part of the production crew for the film with credit and copy provided. Any help?
Re: Muzzle flash & blood effects
July 16, 2005 10:18AM
Have you ever actually seen someone shot with a bullet? Most setups show blood spurting from every orfice but that isn't reality. The old TV westerns used ketchup but a real focus on a shot from a pistol to striking the human body is grissly at best.
Re: Muzzle flash & blood effects
July 16, 2005 08:54PM
Well, my 2¢ is if you don't want your low budget film to lOOK low budget, you should spend a few bucks on a third party After Effects plug-in by DigiEffects called Delerium. There is a DE Muzzle Flash plug-in that makes very real looking muzzle flashes.


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Re: Muzzle flash & blood effects
July 17, 2005 02:44AM
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I finished a mockumentary in which I had a couple of hunters firing at random into the trees. I used DigiEffects plugin DE Muzzle Flash and it works like a champ! I would suggest checking them out.

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