General Motion Question

Posted by Ellyne 
General Motion Question
July 21, 2005 12:24AM

I have been asked to re-edit a series to give it a different name. The host wraps and studio interviews were taped with the program title keyed or rear-projected onto an unevenly lit blue screen on the set. Often the show in/outs are establishing shots from a jib in motion.

I have encountered 2 separate problems:

1) Placing the new program name 'on' the blue screen area after removing the old name looks amateurish; even with key frames, it is difficult to accurately recreate the subtle movements of the jib, so the new name key looks like it is moving independently, or as if it is stationary while the jib is in motion. WILL MOTION ALLOW ME TO ADDRESS THIS? IF SO, HOW? (I don't own it yet.)

2) Keying out an unevenly lit blue screen with a different color title has been challenging at best. Because the screen is still blue and the program title a lighter shade of blue, I am sometimes able to use an HSV manipulator to blur the title fully, if the chroma key filtering process doesn't work. However, this results in some glow around subjects. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Thanks so much for your insight.

Re: General Motion Question
August 08, 2005 04:38PM
1) - You would need a motion tracker software to allow you to replace an image in motion with another. Motion does not do motion tracking.

2) - Keying is a function of how good the keyer program is. Motion has a fair keyer built in but keyers in After Effects or Combustion are far better.
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