Files won't open in Motion

Posted by Bill Boletta 
Files won't open in Motion
August 15, 2005 03:56AM
I've been working through some Motion tutorials but several Motion files I saved won't open. Every time I try to open them, Motion crashes.

I repaired my disc permissions on my startup drive and did everything else I could think of, but nothing seems to work. I couldn't find the Motion permissions. I also haven't re-installed Motion--yet.

I'm very discouraged because I just beefed up my computer system. I'm running OS 10.4.2 on a 2Ghz G5 with 5.5 GB of RAM and a brand new NVIDIA Geforce 6800 Ultra graphics card. I also just added a 500 GB Raid configuration.

Could this new configuration of memory-discs-graphics card be causing some problems? I'm really baffled.

I don't know how I can check to see if my Motion files are corrupt. And if they are corrupt, how did they get that way?

Any suggestions about how to trouble shoot this?
Re: Files won't open in Motion
August 15, 2005 04:53PM
I don't think there is any reason adding a kickass video card or big disk would cause corruption within a Motion project.

Doesn't the motion tutorials provide a finished project per chapter to compare to your finished project along the way? If you open one of these and it crashes Motion, then it could be a user login issue. Try accessing Motion and those projects from another user login.

If it is a user problem then trashing preferences would probably do the trick.
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