Streaming Motion Graphics

Posted by Janet Butler 
Streaming Motion Graphics
September 15, 2005 12:37PM
I am a new user to Mac and FCP 5 Studio. I have a G5 2.7 with 2G ram . I am working on a training video with lots of text graphics. I did the graphics and text in Motion and when I comprressed it to H.264 300kbs through compressor, the text part looked awful: the color was mottled and fuzzy. The motion graphics I did with Motion's templates look crystal clear, but not the text part with the transparent background.

I have tried changing the Motion project settings to match the template settings, changing the Motion settings to match FCP settings. The thing that worked best was re-doing the graphic in LiveType. In Live Type it looks crystal clear. I tried Motion with the Live Type presets - better, but not as good as Live Type.

I really don't want to have to re-do all these text graphics. It looks fine on video tape. Haven't tried MPEG2 yet for the DVD. But would liike to be able to put it to our Mac Account for the client to review updates. Any ideas?
Re: Streaming Motion Graphics
September 15, 2005 02:36PM
Well, it seem to be a purely compression issue, since the output is look great on the video tapes.

One the limitation of today's streaming compression technique are mostly designed for video not for graphic. The graphic element of the video always don't look prefect especially with fast motion. That is the fact.

Have you try,
- another quicktime codec like mp4, or
- increases the compression bit rate, or
- cut down the frame rate, or
- scale down the picture size ?

Those are the way to make your video look better.

Also, you may set the de-noise filter value to 1 or 2 on the color channel, this may help for better use of the limited bandwidth too.

Good Luck,
Antonio Hui

Re: Streaming Motion Graphics
September 15, 2005 04:12PM

Thanks for your reply. I don't think it is a compression issue because if I use LiveType to generate the text it looks fine when compressed.
I could go back and regenerate all the text in LiveType but I hate to spend all that extra time. Since the text look great in LiveType but bad when generated in Motion it must be some issue with Motion - but I have checked and rechecked all the project settings. They are the same as those in Final Cut Pro.


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