Posted by Jamie Kelley 
November 04, 2005 09:59AM
Installed Tiger last week and now Motion doesn't work.

I read the posted thread however the suggested links aren't working either.

I re-installed Motion but it still doesn't work.

Must I re-install Tiger as well? FWIW, Tiger has been a complete nightware with conflicts with Microsoft Office and several other apps. I fear re-installing Tiger is just going to give me another round of problems.

Is there an easier solution like finding a file somewhere? I searched for a Prokit file but found nothing.

Help appreciated, thanks.
Re: Tiger
November 05, 2005 06:57PM
I'm back up and running too, after spending two hours on the phone with an Apple technician.

Neither Compressor nor Motion were working after the Tiger install. We deleted 30 files scattered in the system and libraries folders, trashed the preferences, repaired permissions, re-installed Tiger as archive and save networks settings and reinstalled Motion.

It now works.

The Apple technician was very good. She had to hunt around for the solution but found a step-by-step instructional profile for this issue. Obviously, they are well aware of their software conflicts with Tiger.

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