Creating Text
November 05, 2005 11:20PM
Is there any way to create text in Illustrator and import it into Motion as text rather than as an image so that the Motion text behaviours/animations can be applied to it?

Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 09:12AM
No - but why would you want to? What is your goal?
Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 04:36PM
Did you mean you want to create a tailor made font then import to motion ?

I remember in the old day while no 3d program support double byte font, I use a font editor called "fontogarpher" (original from Macromedia) for convert the chinese text also the vector graphic object into English font. So that, any program could use them natively.

That program are disappeared from the market long a go. (except, I still have a copy on my OS9 mac=) I think, the program are turned to a part of the Fontlab product. Please go to their web site then you may found the solution.

Have Fun,
Antonio Hui

Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 04:56PM
Yes Antonio, exactly. I want to create a tailor-made font then import it into Motion as text.

That way, I can apply text animations. For example, the tailor made-font might be like the Coca-Cola logo, only I'd be able to animate the letters, not just the image.

Fontlab exports Mac TrueType formats as EPS, however it appears that Motion won't accept an EPS format.

Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 05:16PM
I'm not sure, because I still use my old copy of fontogarpher=)

Have you try the demo ? Accounting to the Specifications of FoutLab 4.6 OSX, it should be work fine since they could export the Mac TureType too.

Antonio Hui

Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 05:38PM
No I didn't try the demo as the results are watermarked.

I was hoping for a work-around solution instead of having to purchase addditional software.
Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 06:00PM
I understand the software are quite expensive. Well, you may try the Google by using the key words "Free Font Converter" but that is not easy to found the solution.

or, the "Apple LiveType" seem to be able to create raster font, but I'm not sure because I not use it very often.

PS, I just try demo of FontLab. It seem to be work fine.

First setup and build the names from "Font Info" then create you graphic and export as following...

File > Generate Mac Suitcase... > Select destination format: Macintosh TrueType

Good Luck,
Antonio Hui

Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 06:24PM
Thanks Antonio. I'll give the demo a try.

I want a vector font rather than raster.

Appreciate the advice, thanks..........
Re: Creating Text
November 06, 2005 06:46PM
This article may help you.
As they mentioned, the coreldraw maybe one of the solution for font creation.
And you would download the 30 day free demo from the corel web site too.

Antonio Hui

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