Orbiting with dept

Posted by J.Corbett 
Orbiting with dept
November 07, 2005 02:25AM
OK i can make an object orbit another so thats not the problem. i have been experimenting with orbit then adding the 3d filter to the entire layer to see if i can get the effect of dept. sorta like the ole skool universal pictures logo.
another way to describe it would be; imagine spray painting a sentence around a sphere then imagine standing at one point then spinning the sphere to read the sentence.
its a common effect seen a lot in sports news and fox news.

any ideas would be great. if it requires a 3d program i am also wondering if someone could help me by making it and sending it some how.

PrE - tHANks;-)

p.s.. the smile in this case represents charm and brown-nosing ability, but only if it works.
Re: Orbiting with dept
November 08, 2005 01:32PM
Here's a great tutorial that does something close to what you are trying to do (animated, 3-D text moving around in a sphere-like way) - should at least give you some ideas:


Btw, all Motion tutorials, tips, articles can be found here:

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