isssue with Mac on PC Network

Posted by mark@avolution 
isssue with Mac on PC Network
May 29, 2006 09:16AM
A very strange thing happens with the Motion/FCP Mac and the way
it behaves on the network with our other PCs.

A step by step will help

a) fire up the Mac as per usual
b) logo onto a PC drive say 3dsMax/images
c) grab some files into the problems so far

realize you need to change the files for example you switch from rendering to test*.tga

d) you re-render the new sequence to 3dsMax/images
e) now finder will not find the new files on the PC, whether or not
all the apps (motion and FCP are closed)

it is as though the mac only makes a note of the PC at First connect
and ignores any new files created later on in the day.

the only cure is to close all apps and log off the Mac!

any ideas, as in 20 years of PC use I have never seem such bebaviour
in a computer (until I started using a Mac a month ago)
Re: isssue with Mac on PC Network
May 30, 2006 11:50AM
This is what comes with "sleeping with the enemy"... ;-)

Are you sure that the volumes involved are set up as read/write and not inhibited by an app that thinks it needs sole access? Many sharing systems lock at the volume level.

Even more to the point, are you sure the Mac is attempting to write back to the PC and not locally?

We do this sort of thing routinely (but not with 3dsMax files) on a Mac-only system, so I doubt it's the Mac if it's set up correctly.
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