Blurry Text & Workaround

Posted by Frank Jonen 
Blurry Text & Workaround
June 30, 2006 05:16PM
Hi, maybe some of you experienced the same problem with Motion.
After applying a layer set as an Image Mask to a text layer, the text becomes almost completely illegible below 20pt.

It's a bug that I could reproduce 5 times by now with different files, always replacing the alpha with the alpha of the quicktime which was nested in another layer (for scaling, placement and not affecting the movement).

Here are 2 workarounds to this, one for FinalCut and one for Shake.
1. FinalCut
- Render the scaled and positioned quicktime out as a single layer, Lossless + Alpha (remember to set the background setting to 0%).
- Render the text that you want to mask with all its animations out the same way; if the blurring already happened, just create a new layer and drag the text item (T- icon) on the new layer, that will fix it.
- in FinalCut or LiveType, just use the Image Alpha on the text layer then.

2. Shake
- both files rendered out just like before
- create 2 File-In nodes (just drag both files onto the Node View)
- take the mask clip and hook it up to the text node
- invert the mask-in and you're done

..or just create the whole thing in Shake from day 1.

These are 2 really simple solutions to fix the blurred text issue, but it worked for me.

hope that's useful to some of you too.


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