Text Limit and gap in text

Posted by Michael Monteleone 
Text Limit and gap in text
April 03, 2007 08:46PM
I have a a bit of text (200 characters including spaces) and I'm trying to make it scroll up from bottom to top (entering from off screen at the bottom of the frame and exiting offscreen at the top of the frame.) I'm using the Scroll Up behavior to do this. I can't seem to get all of the text to appear on screen unless I make the text very small (14 pts.) Is there a limit to the number of characters/words that can be displayed at any given point size?

Also, right in the middle of the scroll there is a gap where three words should be. The text scrolls and when it gets to these three words there is a gap (as if the text were there but invisible.) I had copied the text from an MS Word document and thought maybe there were some unseen formatting characters interferring with Motion. But I tried typing the text in by hand and got the same results.

Anyone have any ideas that might fix these problems?


I'm running Motion 2, on a Quad Power PC with 4 gigs of ram.
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