A simple UNDO

Posted by nat* 
A simple UNDO
August 28, 2007 12:29PM
the simplest things...

for some reason - in Motion - the command Z wont Undo - I checked the preferences...it is showing that command Z is the undo...

me brain is fried as of late...what am I missing?

FCS 2 on Dual Quad Mac Pro
Re: A simple UNDO
August 28, 2007 01:03PM
That can happen - try trashing your preference file, or a simple restart may fix it.
Re: A simple UNDO
August 28, 2007 01:13PM
It got even scarier...
none of my undo options were working
thus I restarted - now It's all OK -
is this a common bug with the new Suite?? Or just a fluke??
Whew....scary stuff - thanks
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